Meeting Notes from Large Group Gatherings

(Note this is a new feature as of December 2016)


12/11/2016 (Sun) Ransoms by Bishop Alan Bassette
12/18/2016 (Sun) Maturing Disciples by Benjamin D. Arazu
12/21/2016 (Wed) Knowing Who We Are and Who Christ Is by Benjamin D. Arazu
12/25/2016 (Sun) Having a Plan by Wayne Engram and follow up by Benjamin D. Arazu
12/28/2016 (Wed) How Do I Go About a 21 Day Fast? A conversation between pastor and brother
12/28/2016 (Wed) Study the Word Daily by Brother Benjamin D. Arazu
01/01/2017 (Sun) Three Things We Need to Do in 2017 by Benjamin D. Arazu
01/08/2017 (Sun) Who Is Christ? By Pastor Andrew Traub
01/15/2017 (Sun) Be Knowledgeable in the Word of God and Avoid False Doctrine by Martin Parker with follow up by Benjamin Arazu
01/15/2017 (Sun) Things About Grace by Benjamin D. Arazu
01/18/2017 (Wed) Importance of Understanding by Benjamin D. Arazu
01/22/2017 (Sun) Importance of Holy Communion by Benjamin D. Arazu
01/22/2017 (Sun) Importance of Learning by Benjamin D. Arazu
01/25/2017 (Wed) The Identity of Believers by Benjamin D. Arazu
01/29/2017 (Sun) How to Avoid Panicking by Benjamin D. Arazu
02/01/2017 (Wed) The Danger of Religion by Benjamin D. Arazu
02/08/2017 (Wed) The Love of God by Benjamin D. Arazu
02/12/2017 (Sun) Keep the Fire Burning by Wayne Engram with followup by Benjamin D. Arazu
02/15/2017 (Wed) Faithlessness and Discouragement by Bishop Alan Bassette
02/19/2017 (Sun) Bless the Lord by Wayne Engram with followup by Benjamin D. Arazu
02/26/2017 (Sun) Children's Time: The Blood of Christ by Martin Parker
02/26/2017 (Sun) The Great Commission by Benjamin D. Arazu
03/05/2017 (Sun) How to Follow the spirit of God by Benjamin D. Arazu
03/12/2017 (Sun) Knowing the Love of Christ by Benjamin D. Arazu
03/19/2017 (Sun) Walking in God's Love by Benjamin D. Arazu
03/26/2017 (Sun) It is Finished! by Brother Wayne Engram
04/02/2017 (Sun) When did the old covenant end and the new covenant begin? By Benjamin D. Arazu
04/05/2017 (Wed) The Law Written on Our Hearts is not the Ten Commandments by Benjamin D. Arazu
04/09/2017 (Sun) What is the Law Written on Our Hearts? By Benjamin D. Arazu
04/16/2017 (Sun) The Resurrection is a Person, Not a One Day Event by Benjamin D. Arazu
04/23/2017 (Sun) Audio Recording on YouTube entitled 'Activating Prophecy' by Benjamin D. Arazu
04/23/2017 (Sun) The Man in Christ is Fully Forgiven by Brother Wayne Engram
04/30/2017 (Sun) The Man in Christ is a New Man by Martin Parker based on inspiration from Benjamin Arazu
05/07/2017 (Sun) What is Life? By Benjamin D. Arazu
05/14/2017 (Sun) Who is a mother? By Vivian Mommy" Arazu"
05/14/2017 (Sun) Biblical Definition of Life (continued) by Benjamin D. Arazu
05/24/2017 (Wed) "Spirit of Faith" Notes and YouTube Video by Benjamin D. Arazu
05/28/2017 (Sun) Revival is Coming by 3 Guest Presenters
06/04/2017 (Sun) The Spirit of Faith (continued) - The Law of Faith (Notes and YouTube Video) by Benjamin D. Arazu
06/07/2017 (Wed) Spirit of Faith - Prayer in Faith (Notes and YouTube Video) by Benjamin D. Arazu
06/11/2017 (Sun) Spirit of Faith - Prayer in Faith Part 2 (Notes and YouTube Video) by Benjamin D. Arazu
06/14/2017 (Wed) Supernatural Manifestations by Benjamin D. Arazu
06/18/2017 (Sun) (Blessings of) Seeking the Face of God by Benjamin D. Arazu
06/21/2017 (Wed) Spirit of Faith - Releasing Faith Through Prayer by Benjamin D. Arazu
06/25/2017 (Sun) Culture of a Strong Church, a Culture of Prayer by Benjamin D. Arazu
06/28/2017 (Wed) How to Ask Things in Prayer by Benjamin D. Arazu
07/02/2017 (Sun) Worship is an Important Part of Prayer; Pray in Two Dimensions. by Wayne Engram with followup by Benjamin D. Arazu
07/12/2017 (Wed) Two Dimensions to Prayer (cont) by Benjamin D. Arazu
07/16/2017 (Sun) Two Dimensions of Prayer Review and Essence of Godly Knowledge by Benjamin D. Arazu
07/23/2017 (Sun) Believers are taught to know and not to become by Benjamin D. Arazu
07/26/2017 (Wed) Essence of Godly Knowledge by Benjamin D. Arazu
07/30/2017 (Sun) Essence of Godly Knowledge (continued) by Benjamin D. Arazu
03/11/2018 (Sun) Know Your Nature by Benjamin Arazu
03/18/2018 (Sun) Spiritual Growth by Benjamin D. Arazu
04/01/2018 (Sun) Benefits of Resurrection by Benjamin D. Arazu
06/03/2018 (Sun) Righteousness - an ingredient to Spiritual Growth by Vivienna Arazu
07/01/2018 (Sun) Leading of the Spirit by Benjamin D. Arazu
09/16/2018 (Sun) Spiritual Warfare: Importance of Meditation by Benjamin D. Arazu
03/03/2019 (Sun) The Importance of Faithfulness by Bishop Alan Bassette
09/17/2019 (Tue) Some aspects on spiritual growth by Benjamin Arazu
09/18/2019 (Wed) We have the fruit of the Light by Benjamin Arazu
04/18/2021 (Sun) Believers Must Grow by Brother Arazu
04/25/2021 (Sun) [the importance of] Spiritual Growth (continued) by Brother Arazu

Date: 01/01/2017

Presenter: Benjamin D. Arazu

Title: Three Things We Need to Do in 2017


God values our time and seems to acknowledge that we live on a calendar even though he doesn't.

There are three (3) things we need to do in 2017 (Romans 12:12)

1) Learn how to rejoice in hope. Lord I believe in you for change

Hope is excited expectation. If you are going to be successful this year you must commit that you are going to rejoice both in good times and bad. In all things rejoice. Choose to hold on to hope in 2017. Don't allow anything to take you away from rejoicing.

What does it mean to rejoice in hope?

Abraham rejoiced in hope. When your life seems hopeless and you don't allow the situation to take you away (Romans 4:18) and you believe in hope then you are rejoicing in hope. Don't give up no matter how hopeless the situation seems. You need to hold on to God. Believe in God irrespective to what is going on in your life and God will make a way for you.

One of the principles you have to work with this year is that no matter what, you are going to hold on because God is going to work things out and bless you. But you have to have hope. Hope is like the breath of life - if you don't have it you don't truly live.

Abraham held out hope even though his situation seemed hopeless. He was too old to have children so how was he going to become the father of many nations? You can not truly live without hope.

Hope is what helps your faith (Romans 4:19). Your faith cannot be strong without hope. Hope quickens your faith, energizes it, and revitalizes it. Hope is the foundation for your faith. I believe in God for [fill in your need here]. Hope takes you to where you can't ordinarily go (Romans 4:20). Against all hope, believe in hope. When you have hope it enables you not to stagger. Hope causes your faith to be strong. Faith minus hope equals fear.

We said it above, the word hope means excited expectation.

Now lets go back to Romans 12:12 - rejoicing is a continuous thing. It is something you need to do every day.

2) The second thing we need to do in 2017 is be patient in tribulation.

We need to be patient and wait for the lord. Being patient means we are not going to do otherwise from what the Lord has in store for us. Be patient.

Why should I be patient?

Those with patience inherit the promises (Hebrews 6:12). There is a distinct difference between laziness and patience. Where hope enables our faith to be strong, patience allows us to wait for the promises God has in store for us. We are living in a generation where everyone wants everything right now (instant gratification). Fast food is constantly getting faster. You can now order your fast food from your mobile device so you don't have to wait in line. But fast food is unhealthy. It is bad for you. You must be patient for those things that are good/healthy for you.

If you patiently endure you will receive the promises (Hebrews 6:15). The promises can't be given to you until you are determined to be patient. You must have patience with the Lord (Hebrews 10:36). You need patience so that you receive the promises. There is a difference between need and want - you need patience. I receive the promise in the name of Jesus because I am patient! (come one! say it with me!)

Looking at Romans 12:12 one more time.

3) The third thing we need in 2017 is to be in a continuing instant of prayer.

In 2017 we must have a habit of prayer. We must be constantly in prayer. You must have hope and be patient in order to pray successfully. If there is an excited expectation in your heart then you will approach God with gratitude and you will be blessing Him.

Why? Because prayer is what releases the promise.

Ask and it shall be given to you (Matthew 7:7). So prayer is what releases the promise in the life of a child of God. God answers our prayers but we must ask (through prayer).

Let's look at the power of prayer (Acts 9:36-40). She was sick and died but the apostles refused to bury her. They didn't want to give up. They got Peter because they believed. It was through his prayers that she was revived.

Pray without ceasing (Acts 12:5).

Prayer releases an angel to fight for you (Acts 12:7). Every chain you are bound with will be released through prayer.

Let us live in accordance with Romans 12:12 this year and rejoice in hope knowing that our prayers will be answered if we are patient and wait for the Lord.

Date: 01/08/2017

Presenter: Pastor Andrew Traub

Title: Who Is Christ?


Pastor Traub started by reminding us we have a wonderful pastor leading our church and that his (Pastor Traub's) message might be redundant to other messages we have heard in the past. But reminded us that the Truth of God is never redundant.

Today's lesson began with a reading of 1 Timothy 2:1-6 where Paul was talking to Timothy and instructed him to pray. Make sure you pray and keep a life of prayer. Pray for the gospel. Pray for the church. Pray for the pastors. In 1 Timothy 2:4 he stresses that it is the desire of God that everyone be saved. That not a single person be lost. [A]nd to come unto the knowledge of the truth. Salvation comes through knowledge. You will be saved when you know, love, and share the truth.

The Truth which Paul was speaking is that there is one God and one mediator, Christ Jesus. God is the father and the son is the one who came to die on the cross for everyone. He died for all. He does not discriminate.

The love of Christ constrains us (2 Corinthians 5:14-19). God has reconciled us unto himself. Verse 19 tells us who Christ is. God was in Christ. Who was it that was performing the miracles, healing the blind, and making the lame to walk? God was in Christ.

Jesus is almighty god, creator of heaven and earth (John 10:28-30). I and my father are one. The wind and the sea obeyed Him (Matthew 8:27) because He is the creator of all heaven and earth.

Even the disciples were trying to figure out who this man, the Christ Jesus, was (John 14:1-11). How could he raise Lazarus after he was dead for four (4) days. Jesus tells them he is the way and the truth. God can be in multiple places at once because he is infinite. (side note: it was no trick for God to be in heaven and on earth at the same time). If you had known me, your should have known my Father also. This baffled the disciples. [H]e that hath seen me hath seen the Father; I am in the Father, and the Father in me. God was/is in Christ.

If you are looking for Christ, you will find Him in God. And if you are looking for God, you will find Him in Christ. If you want God, come to Jesus and there you will find God.

There is no other place to find salvation other than Christ (Acts 4:10-12). There is no other name, place or person where you can find salvation.

In Acts 2 we learn that the disciples were all together waiting for a sign from the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:1-4) and the sign came and they were all filled. Peter came and told them about the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ. Acts 2:36 we are told that same Jesus that was crucified was both Lord (ruler of all the world) and Christ.

God wants all men to know the truth and that there is only one (1) mediator (Acts 4:12). Be baptized and repent, both in the name of Jesus Christ and you shall receive the Holy Ghost.

To that accord, after church today, Kovie was baptized in the river in the name of Jesus Christ. A very joyous moment. Pastor Benjamin mentioned the water was so cold his legs went numb! Now that's faith and dedication on both their parts! Praise God!

Date: 01/15/2017

Presenter: Martin Parker with follow up by Benjamin Arazu

Title: Be Knowledgeable in the Word of God and Avoid False Doctrine


Martin Gave a presentation on the importance of observing Holy Days rather than celebrating holidays. The discussion revolved around the influence of paganism on Christmas (see the PowerPoint here) and why Christmas is not a Christian Doctrine.

Knowledge of the word of God is what will allow you to grow. If it's not in the scriptures we shouldn't focus on it. (side note: the scriptures tell us everything we need to know to live a happy productive life - we just need to be in the word daily. Without knowledge of the word you can't reap it's benefits).

We have to be careful how we choose to honor and worship God. Constantine brought danger to Christianity. It was then that people started putting pictures and statues of saints in churches (side note: and started adopting pagan traditions). There is nothing in the scriptures that tells us to do this. In fact it verges on idolatry. God considers idolatry an abomination (Jeremiah 32:32-34 and Deuteronomy 7:25-26) and we need to refrain from it.

Date: 01/15/2017

Presenter: Benjamin D. Arazu

Title: Things About Grace


There are three things we need to know about grace. Things every one of us should understand. Understanding grace will help you in your faith and in your dealings with people in the church, and people in general.

First what is grace? (Titus 2:11-12) For the grace of God... in this context the grace of God is the heart of God. God is a merciful God. A God that forgives and heals. No matter what you've done in life He will pour out his love on you. Grace of God comes not because of what you've done or how hard you've prayed. God helps us and loves us because of his heart. It is this that leads us to salvation. Salvation means to be secured, to be rescued. It means, in this instance, that God has come to deliver us.

The word salvation (Titus 2:11) is referring to being delivered and that our deliverer is God. In Titus 3:4-5 we learn more about salvation. The word savior in Titus 3:4 means the one that delivers us. Nobody has the righteousness that requires God to come. Thankfully righteousness is not the requirement.

Salvation is like a person drowning in the water and somebody from nowhere dives into the water and pulls them out. It's not by their words or their righteousness that they were saved.

I am saved by grace. Come on you know you want to say it.

It's by grace (Ephesians 2:8) that you are saved. Not by yourself. It is a gift from God. Salvation comes by grace. Your dependency should be on God, not on anything else. I am so loved by God that He decided to die for me. (Say it, you'll feel better.)

It is by the blood of Christ that we are saved. Thank God for the blood of the Lamb. Rebuke demons in the name of the blood of Christ

We were dead because of sin.

Mercy (Ephesians 2:4) is giving you what you don't deserve. And God is rich with it. The first thing is to understand that you are loved by God. You are loved by the King of Kings. We were dead in sin (Ephesians 2:5) and we are loved by Him. We are alive in Christ. He loved us and then gave us a principle how we can live.

Don't pray to impress God. Pray because God loves you. God made us alive and being a child of God we have a conscience to feel bad when we hurt others so we strive to do that which is good.

He quickened us (Colossians 2:12-13) even when we were dead in sin. In baptism we are being forgiven in Him. All of our sins (not just some of them, but all of them) are forgiven. You must know that your salvation is secure as a child of God. By walking in the Word of God your sins are forgiven.

The next thing that you must discover is that this salvation is accessible by all people.

See Psalms 67:2 which is a prophecy that God was going to save the world and that that saving was by their own choice. Salvation is the only hope for people. No matter how rich or powerful you are, if you don't have Christ you are dead.

The hope (2 Thessalonians 2:16) of all people must be through this grace. Jesus was sent to save all people (Hebrews 2:9) regardless of where they were born or who they are.

The third thing to know is that grace teaches us how to live our life so that we can be effective.

Live a clean life, live soberly, and discipline yourself (Titus 2:12).

In Matthew 5:21 Jesus was quoting the law. The root of killing is anger. Kill the anger first. If you are not angry, you will not want to kill anyone. Grace teaches us so that we have a means to overcome.

Jesus came to fulfill the law. The Old Testament is Christ concealed and the New Testament is Christ revealed. In Matthew 5:27 the problem is your heart. It's our heart that causes us problems. Matthew 5:28 what Jesus was talking about was that adultery doesn't start in the bed. It starts in your heart.

So, don't be angry and check you heart. Be always faithful and obedient. Know that God loves you no matter who you are. Be a child of God and live according to the Word.

Date: 01/18/2017

Presenter: Benjamin D. Arazu

Title: Importance of Understanding


We need to partner with Jesus (Luke 8:1-3) to help build the kingdom. We need an understanding of the Word of God to be able to partner with him. We are living in a world of need. If there's no understanding of the Word, that need will become selfishness and turn to greed.

They (the Macedonian Church) (2 Corinthians 8:1-2) had an abundance of joy even in the midst of trials. What helped them was their understanding about God. It is important to understand God and the Word to be able to conquer troubles. Trials will not affect your worship if you have understanding. They followed their heart (2 Corinthians 8:3) and not the challenges they were passing through because of their understanding.

The Thessalonians had a local church which was strong because they had an adequate understanding of God's Word (1 Thessalonians 1:6). One sign that your faith is growing is that you are not moved in the midst of troubles.

Our faith becomes strong even in the midst of trial (Romans 4:20) when we have understanding. It's important as a child of God to spend time in the Word. It makes you wise so you can make good decisions. Spending time in the word opens your understanding.

You will be able to perform those tasks set before you when you have understanding (Romans 4:21). But you must continue in what you have learned (2 Timothy 3:14). The scripture (the Word of God) will make you wise (2 Timothy 3:15). If you want to be wise, spend time in the Word. We must give ourselves to God's word.

We cannot be deceived by the enemy if we are strong in the Word. Take Jesus as an example in Matthew 4:1-11 that you can overcome the enemy by the word of God. The enemy will try to sow doubt in your mind.

In Matthew 4:4 Jesus quoted the word of God to the devil (see Deuteronomy 8:3) because he had understanding of the Word. If you are going to be a victorious child of God, if your faith is going to be strong, you must live your life by the Word.

Again in Matthew 4:7 Jesus was quoting scripture to overcome the enemy (see Deuteronomy 6:16). Sometimes people will quote scripture out of context (Matthew 4:6) and if you are not strong in the Word you will be misled. Satan was quoting Psalms 91:11-12 but you may ask how was that out of context. The scripture starts at Psalms 91:1-9. As long as you are in good time with God, the angels will watch over you. Jesus was following the will of God by being in the desert.

Once Again, in Matthew 4:10 Jesus quotes scripture from Deuteronomy 6:13 to fend off the devil. If you quote the scriptures you will overcome the enemy. Because Jesus defeated the devil with the use of the scriptures, the angels came (Matthew 4:11).

If you can hold on to God's Word during struggles in life you will witness miracles.

We also learn that with a lack of understanding you can be defeated. In Acts 19:11-16 the chief priests, who at this time never believed Jesus was God, were defeated for their lack of faith and understanding.

The knowledge of Gods word will give you boldness to face anything. Be in the word daily. Study your scriptures. Don't forget to memorize your favorites.

Date: 01/22/2017

Presenter: Benjamin D. Arazu

Title: Importance of Holy Communion


There are two ordinances in the bible which are very important. Those are baptism and holy communion.

In 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 we see that Paul wasn't coming up with his own scripture but was revealing the teachings of Jesus. We are talking about why holy communion is so important. You must partake of His flesh and blood if you are going to be a child of God. It is our way of remembering the victory which has been given to us.

This is the one place in the scriptures where we are told what to do in the remembrance of Jesus. When you take communion, you are reinforcing the victory Christ had for us. It is a symbol of our covenant. For a covenant to be strong, there must be blood involved (Christ was the Lamb that was sacrificed that we might be saved). By taking communion you are reminding yourself of the covenant you have with God.

As often as you take holy communion you are remembering that Christ dies for all of us and that he will come again.

Date: 01/22/2017

Presenter: Benjamin D. Arazu

Title: Importance of Learning


Why should we study the Word? How important is it for us as children of God to engage ourselves in the scriptures?

It is through the holy writing that we get hope (Romans 15:4). It is God's intention for us to learn. Since the time when God put Adam into the garden, people have been learning. God was Adam's teacher.

Abel had a better sacrifice (Hebrews 11:4) because it was through faith and understanding. Cain refused to follow instructions. You must understand the Word of God to be productive and effective. For your faith to be workable, you must learn. Spiritual problems will begin when you refuse to study the scriptures.

Abel's sacrifice of a sheep (Genesis 4:2-3) was not because he was a keeper of sheep. Learning is through hearing. Someone taught Abel. They must have spoken to him. There had to be teaching going on in the home. They must have been telling him God forgives our sins through the sacrifice of blood. God gave Cain a second chance (Genesis 4:6-7) which he didn't take. The reason God did not accept Cain's sacrifice was because he didn't follow those things he was taught. You can have authority over those negative things in your life by learning and being in the Word (daily). Act accordingly.

Everything in the bible is for our learning (Romans 15:4). They are instructions to make our life better. The key thing to remember is that you must wait upon God for those things that are going to bless your life (patience). Faith is what you must live by. If you don't [live by faith], when trouble comes you will doubt your faith.

The Lord will do great things in my life! Make this affirmation - shout it out lout.

By being in the word, you will gain three things:

1) You will gain patience.

2) You will have comfort to overcome those things you are passing through.

3) You will have hope.

In Romans 4:17, God was speaking to a man (Abraham) who didn't have any children. Had he been speaking to a many with a thousand wives then it would have required no faith to believe he would be the father of a great nation. But he didn't. And he didn't have any children. No matter what you are passing through right now, it doesn't define your future. Our future is defined by God's Word.

Know that whatever God promises, so shall be true (Romans 4:18). Abraham lived by the Word of God. Romans 4:19 is where the bone of the contention is. Faith does not deny the fact that you are in trouble. Faith gives you the ability to overcome those troubles.

Abraham, through his faith, knew there was a God in heaven. You must speak to your mountains. I know God will take care of my troubles! (say it - you know you want to!). Faith connects you to the resources of God that will take care of your needs.

You shouldn't get yourself worked up when trouble comes (Romans 4:20). When you complain, your troubles will not be taken care of. No one listens to us when all we do is complain. Use the opportunity to sing praises. Give God glory and praise, even in times of trouble. Love Him always. Abraham was loving the Lord in the mist of his trials. Trials are not a time to panic.

Before Joshua 6:1, the gates of Jericho were open. When the children of Israel came there was resistance and the gates were closed. You cannot overcome the challenges when your attention is on the troubles (such as closed gates when you are trying to enter a city). Your attention must be on the goal (keep your eye on the prize). Then in Joshua 6:2 God was telling him to remember what happened in Joshua 2:8-9. He was telling Joshua not to get discouraged. God was saying that the land has already been given to him and not to fret over it.

Miracles are for unbelievers. Blessings are for the children of God. Miracles happen to draw the attention to God. Joshua was a believer of the Lord. God brought his mind back to the blessing that was bestowed upon him. God was trying to remind him to remember this testimony. For you to be bold and take that which belongs to you, you must know what God has given you.

Peace can only be released when you have the knowledge that God is in control (2 Peter 1:2-3). You must pray with knowledge to avoid panic and worry. God gives us the ability to access all things through knowledge. The Word was written for our learning.

In Matthew 8:1-2 the leper had knowledge of the things God can do. Anytime you are praying, understand what you are asking. Be specific and pray with knowledge and confidence. It is God's pleasure to bless us (Matthew 8:3). God has what you are looking for. Whatever you need, it is within God's ability to access it.

Then in Matthew 8:5-10, we see a centurion who understood how authority works. Your understanding of God's authority will give you the ability to access the blessings God has in store for you. You cannot understand that authority if you do not understand the Word. God gives us pastors and teachers so that we can learn the Word of God.

Make up your mind that you are not going to read the scriptures for reading sake. It is not a newspaper! Read to learn. Read to understand. It is this understanding that will allow you to overcome the challenges in life.

Date: 01/25/2017

Presenter: Benjamin D. Arazu

Title: The Identity of Believers


Everyone wants to be someone else these days. Kids want to be like famous musicians or sports players. But don't you know this is not original? It is being in a condition that is not good and not healthy.

What has God said concerning believers and their identities?

One of the things a believer needs to see is that God says He will not leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5-6). A believer's identity can only be revealed through Jesus. For you to be able to define who you are, you need to know what God has said and not be misled by who your thoughts say you are. What you can see in Christ is what you should see in your life.

Communication of your faith, what you say, should be in line with what God said (Philemon 1:6). Every good thing that is in you should come from Christ. What you say with your mouth should reflect every good thing God has said and done. Communication in this sense means what you say of your conviction.

Your identity is not defined by your location or what you have in your pocket but what you have in Christ. Your life is not defined by what is going on in your mind or around you, but by what Christ said. Your identity should not defined by what you see as that can discourage you. But, by every good thing that is in you through Christ. Your prominent location is in Christ. A believer does not lack direction of what they should do because of their location in Christ.

If your identity is defined in Christ, then you shouldn't walk in confusion because in Christ there is the light of life (John 1:4). Follow the ways and the dictates of Christ. A believers direction is defined in Christ so they will not walk in darkness (John 8:12). If you can walk with Christ then you will not lose your direction. Our true identity is unveiled through knowing Jesus. Constantly walk in the light.

Believe in Christ and you will avoid the darkness (John 12:46). When you are confused and don't know what to do, it is because the devil is deceiving you. Your permanent location should be in the light. The light we are referring to is the revelation of God's Word.

God's spirit will no longer strive with man since the falling of Adam and Eve into sin (Genesis 6:3). But the spirit of man is a candle of the Lord (Proverbs 20:27). What good is a candle without light? If you are searching, it is because you are not enlightened. If you are confused, it is God who is the one who is going to light the candle and light your way (Psalms 18:28).

The permanent location of the believer is in the light, that is, in the revelation of God's Word. Only the Lord is going to save you from confusion and from the darkness (and despair). If you don't have Jesus then you are walking in darkness.

It takes the spirit of a human to understand what is wrong inside themselves (1 Corinthians 2:11). You cannot discover your identity outside the spirit of God. It is only the Lord who can enlighten you. It is the statutes of the Lord which are right and good (Psalms 19:8). By statutes we are talking about the commandments (no, not the Ten Commandments), the orders, of the Lord. It is only by following these statutes that your heart will be gladdened. When you begin to take the principles of God with you then you will start to be healed and be glad.

If you allow the word to enter your heart (Psalms 119:130) it will give you direction and understanding. It is the revelation of the Word that gives light (see also BBE). Someone who is simple is someone who thinks they know it all, but it is God's word which will enlighten them.

As a believer what you begin to speak is the testimony of what God has done (Isaiah 8:20). You will be speaking the Word of God. You will have grace in God. You will be controlling the situation, not the other way around.

The minute you believe in Christ, your family lineage is changed (1 John 5:1). One of the identities of a believer is that they will be able to overcome the world and have victory over it (1 John 5:2-4). Your faith in what Christ has done will give you this victory. Love God and keep his commandments (the commandments we are referring to here is believing in God, knowing that He is the one true God).

Christ came through the lineage of David and that is how we know of him in the flesh. But it is through his spiritual background that we can relate with him (2 Corinthians 5:16). In Christ you are not refurbished rather you are renewed. Through Christ you are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Your identity in God is not based on those things around you but by what God has done. Do not let the things people say discourage you. A child of God should reside in the light of God. You have authority in the name of the Lord to rebuke those things that are causing confusion in your life.

"I am renewed in Christ! It is only through Christ that my confusion dissolves!" (say it loud and proud).

Date: 01/29/2017

Presenter: Benjamin D. Arazu

Title: How to Avoid Panicking


In this series, we are discussing the practical things that are important, among them is the ability to avoid panicking.

You panic because you don't know what is happening and you feel out of control; you get discouraged; you feel that your life is ruined; you feel like you failed to do what you were supposed to do. Don't let panic control you.

Scripture teaches us that as children of God, there are things our spiritual eyes must see that our physical eyes can not.

Why is it that other people are standing against the devil, but I am not? Why are they standing strong in God? What makes their faith unmovable? Know that it is the mind of God that everyone of us should stand strong.

One of the things that helps people is that they see beyond their feelings. They see beyond what their physical eyes can see. They see by faith. In Hebrews 11:27 the bible was talking about Moses. Faith comes by the Word. Egypt at the time of this verse was a world of power, a world of control. One of the only places where there was food during times of famine was in Egypt. There was something Moses saw by faith that his eyes could not see. At this time the Egyptians were looking to Moses as being the person who was going to take over. But Moses forsook them because he was looking at the Word. The reason you are not enduring in your challenges is because you are not seeing beyond your physical eyes. Moses endured because he wasn't looking at his present condition. He saw the invisible.

You will always panic if you don't see the invisible. Moses had a vision of what he wanted his life to be. Everyone has access to the Spirit of God. The sight of Moses was focused on God. You cannot accept things outside of your focus.

What are you seeing?

I am seeing victory in Christ. I am seeing success, healing, and deliverance! (say it loudly) See Him who is invisible! How will you develop your senses to see? By faith. Moses gave himself over to the Word. His mother was teaching him that worshiping idols is wrong and that he must be open to the Word.

Our senses must be trained. How do we learn to train our senses because this is very important? You need someone to teach you (Hebrews 5:12). The writer of Hebrews (possibly Paul) is writing to the saints telling them they ought to be teachers. They should be able to understand the Word of God. But we need someone to teach us. Because of your laziness you have come to take milk instead of solid food. Milk is referring to the problem with people who are falling and rising in principles; one day they are strong in faith, the next day weak. As adults we don't need milk. Your senses must be trained and you must be strong in the principles of God.

In 1 Corinthians 3:1-3, Paul was talking to the church. They were supposed to be spiritual. There are two types of Christians, carnal and spiritual. Your decision must be to spend time in God's Word and be spiritual. Nobody can force you to be spiritual, it must come by your own decision. God doesn't want us to remain as babes. We want our babies to grow to maturity. We can change things through prayer. Sometimes we accept those things we shouldn't because we are not strong in the Word. Paul said, because he had seen the level of maturity of these believers, that he would not feed them with meat but with milk.

As a newborn baby, the desire is for the pure milk of the Word. Milk is for babies and they need this to grow and mature (1 Peter 2:2). We are talking about the principles of repentance. Maturity doesn't just happen, you must train yourself. Everyone who lives on the milk of the Word is still a baby and needs maturing. Babies get irritated quickly and easily. If you are irritated easily you are still a babe in God's Word (Hebrews 5:13) You must let offense go. You are not used to the Word of Righteousness. Babies must be monitored. Do you need to be constantly monitored? (side note: this isn't a bad thing - it just means you need to grow in God's Word - you have maturing to do; you must learn to stand strong in faith and in God's Word. Learn to crave meat.)

As mature adults, we need meat, we can not survive on milk. Solid food is for the mature (Hebrews 5:14). Our senses must be trained. You don't become mature overnight. Maturity demands discipline. You need discipline and it takes hard work. You must train. You will become strong through practice. Put the Word into practice. It's easy for us to lie but the Word tells us to say all things in truth. You must practice telling the truth! Likewise all principles take practice. You must let every part of your body respond to the Word. Then, and only then, will your eyes begin to see. You must move based on the Word of God. Meat means you train yourself to be obedient to the Word of God. What is coming against you cannot move you. You will stand still in the midst of trouble.

When you practice God's Word you are taking the meat of the Word. If you want to mature you must take a stand. The children of Israel were not practicing God's Word (Exodus 14:10-16). They were not mature and hence they were afraid. They were not spiritual or they wouldn't have complained to the Lord. Complaining is what babies do. They still had the slave mentality and thought the devil had more power than God because they didn't understand how God operates. There is a difference between deliverance and freedom. Deliverance will bring you to a place to be responsible,

We are always limited based on what we can see with our physical eyes. We must not be afraid. You must see the salvation the Lord gives us. Don't look at your troubles or you will get discouraged. God is mighty and can do anything. God will give us direction if we see the invisible. If you expect God to do something, he will expect you to do something in return. Moses knew who God is and had faith.

Everything you need in life you already have.

God revealed the plan of Israelite's enemies to them (2 Kings 6:8-23). You must be spiritually trained for direction of life. The enemy surrounded the camp. The key is not to be afraid. Elisha had confidence in God and was not afraid. Elisha had a relationship with God. What you are seeing will determine how you pray. Do you see God as a dictator or as a great God? You must train yourself through the Word of God. You must be open to the teachings of your spiritual teachers, to the teachings of your pastor's and church leaders.

Follow Ephesians 1:15-18 and pray to have your heart opened to understanding. Pray to have the vision of your heart be flooded with light. Pray to be able to see the invisible. Pray.